June 12, 2007: FIRST DAY HIGH!!! First day of class. I thought everything is fine na with my subjects. It came to my knowledge that Alex and Lea are still not giving up on their appeal to the ME department regarding the conflicts in our major subjects. So nagulo nanaman ang buhay ko… I was forced to cancel a 3 unit course for me to enlist 4 unit course. So yun… Haaaayyyy… Thank God dahil may slots pa sa EEE 1. I actually have 3 classes that day but our professors were still on vacation mode. In short, I have no class that day. And Praise God… I don’t have wednesday classes!!!

June 13, 2007: NANG TINANAN AKO NI MELVIN AT LOWIE!!! It’s a free day for me. But I made use of my time to complete my enrollment. Anyway, we have CCC core meeting at the Student Center, Katipunan. I really didn’t feel like attending the meeting ‘coz I have a lot of things in my mind. So we (they) planned for the movement theme this year and assigned different tasks to the leaders, including me. I was assigned to head the WIN Committee (the committee assigned in reaching out the university for God). I took the challenge to lead the said committee since they (I) consider me (myself) as an ‘untapped’ leader. The meeting ended at 7pm. Melvin texted me telling that they’re at the first floor. So I hurried downstairs without them noticing me. They’re too much busy with inside jobs and everything. Lowie was there sitting on the sofa when Melvin came out from the kitchen and hugged me so tight saying Bro, I missed you so much!!! Aaaaaawwwww… How sweet!?! Well, I missed him too. We haven’t seen each other for 3 weeks. Then, he invited me, together with Lowie, to hang-out with him. I told them that I was so hungry so we hurried our way to McDo Katipunan. I just ordered fries and burger. Melvin was in a fast during that time so I just shared my fries with Lowie. So yun… kwento kwento… joke joke… drama drama… etc. etc. For the second part of our hang-out, we played DOTA at Blue Skies. Gosh!!! I haven’t played DOTA for the longest time so I was kinda afraid that I might not do good in the game. But no! I think our game was the best so far! Astig!!! Hahahaha!!! Balik kaadikan nanaman ‘to!!! Grabe!!! Melvin payed pala for our game. Thanks Melvs!! Lowie and I loves you so much!!! We ended 10pm. Lowie rode his way home to Pasig while Melvin and I took 2 jeepney rides from Katipunan to Philcoa. It was so much fun!!!! I just wonder why the people at the meeting didn’t dare to find where I am… Seems like I’ve been forgotten. Oh well… at least I enjoyed the game!! Hahahaha!!!!!
Caliraya! Here I come!!!!