Watched High School Musical at the Meralco Theatre last night. It was a Playshop night actually so most of the audience (that includes me) are Playshoppers. I wasn’t really planning to watch because I just don’t feel like it. And what do you expect… it’s just the same story, same songs, same everything. Athena, who was a member of the cast (she was a skater), texted me yesterday afternoon telling that she still have 3 tickets for the show. The rest is history and I found myself meeting with her, all dressed up for the show, at the backstage of the theatre to get my ticket. She also gave me Kyla and Bien’s tickets and asked me to give it to them.

I got back to the lobby to wait for Bien and Kyla and I was so surprised when I saw JR Enrile (my churchmate and brother-in-Christ) with Dani Tabuena. Ayun… kwento kwento.. He saw me daw walking at UP’s Acad Oval early that afternoon tapos naninibago daw siya because I’m not wearing my glasses. Hahaha!!! Anyway, Another thing that surprised me is the fact that Jeff Tsai (another brother-in-Christ and my classmate in EEE 1) with his friends form the UP Navigators was also there.

The show went well naman. It’s very different from the movie. What I like most about the show are the new songs and the additional scenes that made it funnier. My favorite musical numbers are ‘Stick to the Status Quo’, ‘Getcha head in the game’, ‘Bop to the Top’, and ‘Cellular Fusion.’ We got the chance to meet and greet our MTG friends Athena, Kevin, and Steph after the show. And they were so tired daw. Ayun!!! Picture Picture and konting kwentuhan. I hope to see it again some other time with Athena understudying for Sharpay. Go Athena!!!