Grabe!!!!!! Sobrang hirap ng ME 186 (Power Plant Engineering I)…. I haven’t finished solving the problem set. I think I need to review my ME 63 (Thermodynamics) first before I can answer the problems. But there’s a bigger problem, my book is with Rai and she’s in Korea right now. Waaaaaahhhhh!!!!!! Sobrang nakaka-frustrate na! To think that this is my second time to take this subject (got a grade of 5 from another prof last sem).

EEE 1 first exam is on wednesday. I’ve been practicing solving problems since saturday but I think I need to practice more. Then we’ve been given another assignment in ME 186. Well do 2 research presentations on the 19th. Take note, 2 presentations to be submitted on the same day. May mas hihirap pa ba dyan? Tapos we’re required to propose some improvements daw dun sa report namin by giving our own equations. Thesis ba ‘to? Balita ko walang thesis ang ME. Waaaaahhhhhh…… ME 186 is so demanding.

-To be continued…