I really don’t know what am I gonna write here. Disaster talaga ‘pag nasa harap ako ng PC. I should be doing a research for my ME 186 paper pero ano ang ginagawa ko… hala sige.. friendster at you tube. Musta naman ‘yun? Wahahahahaha… I was just wondering why the internet can’t give me the information I need for my paper. Haaayy… Information Overload… I think it would be better for me to do ‘manual’ search na lang at the Eng’g Lib.

I should be having dinner with the Stillwaters pips last night but ate Flo and Dwight didn’t text me. That’s the only thing that I look forward to yesterday. It was Celso who told me that no one wants to have dinner and all people made their way back home. Hello? I mean it’s a Friday… why is everyone so excited to go home? Well, it seems like I’m the only one who’s not excited to go back home. Haaaayyy.. I wanna reward myself pa naman dahil katatapos lang ng exam ko last Wednesday and I really want to have a break. Masyado yata akong na-pressure sa studies.

How about my ME classmates? It’s sad to say that I don’t find time to bond with them anymore. The fact that I’ve been left behind for graduation hindered me from spending time with them. Most of them, kaklase ko lang sa isa or dalawang major subjects. I was one of those ‘unlucky’ people who didn’t pass ME 186 last sem, so I have to take it again this sem. Those who passed that course last sem are taking ME 187 now, most of them are in that class. It hurts me a lot whenever I see them outside the classroom waiting for their 187 class (186 is scheduled right before 187).

‘I should be there with them..’ That’s the thing that always comes to my mind every after my 186 class. I don’t want to be seen by them getting out of that small cold room with younger people, people whom I’m not comfortable with. That’s why I’m always trying my best to walk as fast as I could without them noticing me and get out of the ME dept. in no time. It hurts a lot din whenever they talk about their 187 class and do their assignments together in the library. Minsan I feel like I’m out-of-place when they talk about their power plant design proposals. Hay.. Basta yun… I seems like I need to learn to do things on my own from now on. I shouldn’t be depending on them always. This is the real disaster…