My life gets even frustrating and complicated as the semester comes to an end. ME 154 exam results were so bad that I had to do a ‘walk-out’ after my EEE 1 class yesterday because of frustration (‘coz I don’t wanna talk to everyone about that unfairly administered exam last monday). I feel like crying after knowing what my score is. I know I’ve done my part. I’ve studied well and tried to learn everything. And it gets so unfair knowing that a classmate of mine who haven’t been regularly attending classes and just studied for like 2 hours (or less) before the exam got a passing mark! Why did that happen? I started asking myself what’s wrong with me and I can’t still figure out the answer. I really wanna scream at that moment after seeing my exam paper at the ME department secretary’s desk. What have I done wrong? Melvin gave me a call yesterday during the PSME meeting and I told him everything. (It really stinks bro, like what you’ve said!) I think he got frustarted too ‘coz he prayed for me right before the exam. I thought it will all go very well but I was so wrong. Add the fact that I’m struggling with heart issues these past few days. I really don’t know what will happen to me after this sem ends.

I’ve spent some time with Ate Flo yesterday over mango shake and fishballs. Kwentuhan lang about what’s happening with me and how’s my meeting with Melvin and all that kind of stuff. So syempre nagkwento din sya. I’ve had a great time with her though I need to leave early because of the PSME meeting.

Today is saturday. Means rest day for me. But because of the ME 176 take-home exam, STS paper and report, and PSME matters, I can’t find a reason to relax. Everything is giving me a hard time. But it’s still good to know that there are people out there who thinks and cares for you even though ‘you’re not fixed!’ Yes, I’ve had enough. But I need to take center stage again sooner or later ‘coz the show must go on.