It’s a rainy day!!!! Got up so early for the UP Engineering Society Applicant’s interview! I was assigned to be one of the panelists for today’s interview! Haaayyy.. kakatamad bumangon dahil ang lamig! Woke up as early as 6:30am and went to school at 8. The interview went well. It was so fun ‘grilling’ the applicants! Hahahahaha!!!! Some of them cried during the interview and some really did well. Gosh! I didn’t notice that I became one of the most ‘notorious interviewer’ Eng’g Soc has ever had! Wahaha! No doubt a freshman cried while I was interrogating her. Tuloy, I remembered my days as an applicant for that org. I was in 2nd year college back then. Actually, I also cried during the interview! Haha!

ME 176 make-up class didn’t push through early this afternoon. I also got the chance to meet the TA heads/reps of CCC. At hindi ako nakasama sa funtime ng Kalayaan Dorm Target Area!! Huhuhuhuhu!!! Pero ok lang! Nag-enjoy naman ako sa interview ng mga applicants kanina! Hahahahaha!!!

It was one heck of a rainy wednesday!!!