Since I’m gonna be extending my patience ’til next Thursday (because my exam yesterday was postponed), I decided to take a break and unwind. I didn’t notice that the week ended so fast. Yesterday, I planned to go to the Eng’g lib but it was closed because it was a holiday. I tried to connect to the internet on the 4th floor quiet zone but I wasn’t successful. I think they turned the wireless router off yesterday. So I went straight to Francis’ house at UP village since I texted him the night before that I’m gonna be checking his place. I’m planning to move na kasi next sem. Anyway, I got the chance to bond with him ’til afternoon. We watched Spirited Away (Japanese Movie) and some HappyTreeFriends short flicks. Ayun… Kwento kwento about our sophomore days in UP, when we were still young not knowing what the future might bring. (Lester, this is what you call cliche right? ) Francis was my classmate kasi in two subjects back then with two other friends, Kaye and Glenn. Glenn is in PMA (as in Philippine Military Academy) right now. He sends me messages at times asking how am I doing. I haven’t got any news about Kaye. I think she’s back in her province in Zamboanga continuing her studies there. So yun… Medyo madrama yung usapan namin dahil nagkwento nanaman siya about dun sa ‘away-bata’ namin nung sem na yun. Hahahahahaha!!!! Sobrang funny talaga pag naaalala namin yun. We had lunch together and made a lot of kwentuhan and kulitan after. I was at his place from 10am (he wasn’t even awake at this time) ’til 4:30pm. Then, Laila invited me to watch a movie with some friends. I headed back to my place and prepared myself to go to Trinoma. Lester was also preparing to go to CCF for Soul Stop so we went out the house together. It was super fun while walking with Lester sa Philcoa. He keeps on talking to me like he was Chinese (though he took 6 units of Chinese Language back then) and I was just laughing hard. Hahahahahahahaha!!!! And people were just looking at us while were walking on the footbridge. Sobrang funny talaga! And I think my voice is loud enough for everyone to hear because I’m listening to loud music while walking. Haha!!! So yun! We parted ways na afterwards. So bumababa ako sa Trinoma knowing that Laila and some of our friends would meet me there. I texted her asking where they are and walked (and window shopped) for about 10 minutes. I texted her again because she isn’t replying. At last, she replied to tell me that they are in SM North. Haaayyyy… Si Laila talaga! Muntik nang maubos ang pasensya ko nun. Anyway, naglakad ako papuntang SM North. Sobrang nasira ang porma ko and everything dahil kasabay ko ang mga smoke-belching jeepneys. I’m all sweaty when I entered The Block. Ayun, nagpalamig muna ako ng konti then nag-meet na kami sa may KFC to have dinner. Nandun sila Jopi, Kristia, Ralph, and Micay. I was so glad to see all of them. Haayy… I’m home at last! Hehe! Then kwento kwento about the finals week, exams, requirements, etc. It was so fun talking with them after a week of ‘haggardness!’ We watched No Reservations starring Catherine Zeta-Jones and Aaron Eckhart. Ok lang naman yung movie. And were like laughing and talking inside the moviehouse like there’s no one other than us is watching. Hahaha!!! Medyo madrama yung film but somehow, some scenes made a lot of sense to me. Like the one when Kate (Zeta-Jones) tries to know her niece more by asking her favorites and the girl responded afterwards, “you don’t need to try so hard!” Aaaaaawwwww….. Tinamaan ako dun!!! Hahahahaha!!!! Medyo nagkwekwentuhan din kami predicting what will happen next and covering our eyes whenever there’s a ‘what’s-happening-mommy?’ scene. So nag-end yung movie and we’re all laughing. Akala kasi namin, super comedy yung movie. Gusto kasi naming matawa lahat. Eh medyo mabigat yung movie na yun. Haaayyy… Anyway, we enjoyed each other’s company naman ‘more than the movie'(from Kristia). Ayun!

So paglabas ko, nakita ko yung poster ng Sweeney Todd. And I was so surprised! Johnny Depp will be playing Sweeney Todd. By the way, Sweeney Todd is an Award-Winning Broadway Musical by Stephen Sondheim. It will now follow the steps of The Sound Of Music, The King And I, Grease, Little Shop Of Horrors, West Side Story, Jesus Christ Superstar, The Phantom Of The Opera, and Rent. So excited to see the film. I’ll leave a link at the end of this post for you to know more about the movie-musical.

It was a very exciting night with friends, with family. It’s nice to be with people who really loves you and cares for you. Aaaawwwww…. It’s gonna be a long week ahead but I know that God will always be there for me along with my ‘family!’

God Bless!!!

Here’s the link to the Sweeney Todd Official Site: