But I think it’s still unofficial. (Duh!?!) I’m not yet sure if I’m gonna make it to the passing mark in ME 186. If not, I might as well (with crossed-fingers) take the removal exam. I just hope that it will be scheduled after LTI.

After my exam yesterday, I felt a little sense of fulfillment. Tapos na rin ang sem ko. I’m finally free!!! Yes, I would be free… for a while… from those ‘extra-terrestrial’ equations. Nakakapagod din palang mag-aral. Haaaayyyy…

So balik tayo dun sa removals. Sana lang talaga hindi siya sumabay sa LTI kung magreremove ako. I remember two years ago during the LTI, I was studying like crazy during the camp dahil sumabay sa last day ng LTI yung removals ko. Super asar talaga ako nung time na yun. Kaya ayoko na siyang maulit. Imagine all of your friends enjoying their freedom from acads and you are inside your cabin alone with your book and your calculator feeling like a loser. Haaayyy… Kaya I don’t want that to happen again this time. It’s my prayer to God right now. Please do pray with me.

Ayoko pang umuwi sa Laguna after my exam yesterday. I told my mom that I would be leaving the next day na lang, which is today (and as of this moment, I’m here in our home sweet home!). I stayed at the 4th floor quiet zone (as usual) because the library was closed for some inventory stuff. Leah was also there studying for her CE 22 exam. Ayun.. nag-internet lang ako at nag-YM. Haha! I also played ‘Feeding Frenzy’ (a game introduced by Gelo to me) while on the 4th floor. Got back home after my laptop’s battery went out.

I invited Dwight, Laila, Goya, and RJ afterward for dinner. RJ wasn’t able to make it though. Tatika also came with us. Then we make tambay sa may Carilion Tower after dinner (wish ni Laila) and shared stories to each other.

I’m gonna miss UP talaga! It’s my second home. Sayang I wasn’t able to jog at the acad oval this sem. Haaayyy… Maybe next sem.