For those of you who didn’t know, I just turned 21 22 and a half hours ago. Yes, I’m not a minor anymore. And it means a greater responsibility on my part. Sabi pala ni Dwight pwede na akong makulong once I reach this age. (Well Dwight, isasama kita sa kulungan. Bwahahahahahaha!!!!!! Sino pa gustong sumama?). Gosh! Just the thought of turning 21 gives me the creeps. How much more kung 21 na ‘ko ‘di ba?

Thanks to all those who greeted me ‘nung Friday pa lang (at sa mga humahabol pa ng bati as of this moment). Yeah! As early as Friday may bumabati na. I don’t know if they just wanna great me ahead of the others or nakalimutan nila ang date. Pero super thanks pa rin.

To tell you the truth, I’m not in the mood of celebrating my birthday this year. After all what happened during the past few months, I think I don’t deserve a grand celebration because I’ve messed up my whole life. Besides, a few would only remember my birthday since it happens on a sembreak.

Yesterday, I thought of deleting some ‘precious’ text messages in my inbox because people would flood messages, as they usually do during this time of the year. I realized afterward that it won’t be necessary. People would really tend to forget.

Well, I can say that this is the saddest birthday of my life. Parang isa lang siyang ordinary day na matatapos din. In the middle of the day, I just feel like crying. Ang weird kasi. It’s my birthday pero hindi ako nagcecelebrate. (Add the fact that a friend of mine has just died very recently.) Nasa-harap lang ako ng PC waiting for something ‘magical’ to happen. But nothing happened. The waiting is not worth it. I told myself ‘sige na give up na ‘ko… Nothing will happen today…’ True enough, wala ngang nangyari. (Maghintay ka na lang ulit ng isang taon. That is, if there are still people who would celebrate it with you.) (Hay Gian! Why are you acting like this? You know the answers to all your questions but still you insist.) So ano ginawa ko? Wala lang! I just did what a LOSER should ought to do. And it’s so damn boring.

And as of this moment, nothing is happening.

(Itulog mo na lang yan. It’s not worth the wait.)