Wohoooo!!!!! Praise God for that wonderful LTI! Sobrang nag-enjoy ako! Astig! I’m thankful talaga because God allowed me to go there. Grabe! I can’t hide the joy that I feel. I realized that God loves me so much. The theme of the LTI pala this year is My Mission: My Generation. God was so good that he spoke to each one of us in the said event. There are 218 delegates from MCT-1(Metro Campus Team 1) and the Southern Tagalog campuses. I don’t have the chance to get to know everyone kasi sobrang dami nga. Jampacked ang main hall! Pero ok lang because I told God before that I won’t be going there to meet new friends, instead I would spend more time with Him personally.

This year, I’m part of the Leadership Level. That’s the second to the last level for me prior to becoming a trainer. So dun sa training, wala na masyadong demonstrations and everything. Mas-konti yung mga topics. It’s all about building a movement and to some of us, it’s nothing new since we’re all leaders (mover/multiplier) in the movement. So parang review na lang siya. The topics were very interesting actually. I learned a lot of things that added to my knowledge as a leader. Super fun din sa training because we’re privileged to have Kuya Regie a.k.a. Kuya Bojie (UPLB Campus Director) and Kuya Al (UP Diliman Campus Director) as our main speakers.

Our culminating activity was so fun and memorable. We’ve got to share the Gospel to the people of Tagaytay. I was with Reuvin and Jasmine during the outreach. As their ‘kuya,’ I should be able to show them first how to share the Gospel to other people before they actually do it. Nung una parang kinakabahan pa ako kasi mga 1st timers sila Jasmine and Reuvin so I shouldn’t mess it up. But God was so faithful that He guided me and He became my strength while I was sharing. Sobrang nakakakaba din because we need to knock on doors to share the Word. Pero exciting pa rin kahit nakakakaba. We also went to the marketplace to share the Word. The rest is history and we all had a great time working together, reaching our generation.

I was kinda refreshed during the LTI. The past sem was so crazy kasi. I’ve experienced a lot of ‘faith-shaking’ before LTI and I came there with an ulterior motive. But don’t get me wrong. God immediately changed my heart the first day of the training pa lang. And I’m so thankful that God talked to me. (Sabi nga ni Doulos, God can talk to you in small voices.) Actually, sabi ko kay God, I want to know Him more. But he made me realize in the training that I need to know more about my mission, which is my generation. Parang sabi niya “kilala mo nanaman ako eh, nakakalimot ka lang. Ngayon, i-reachout mo ang generation mo for me.” (As in sa tagalog siya nagsalita sa ‘kin. Hahahaha!!! Sorry I just can’t contain the joy inside. )

LTI made me realize that there is an immediate need to reach this generation for God. During the last night, the commitment night, God has spoken to me once again and told me to turn away from my wicked ways. I’ve been playing with fire for a while and God wants me to put that fire off.

The God of my generation is calling me to continue His work to this world and to reach my generation. Brother Philip, our speaker for that night told us that it won’t be an easy task but God will always be with us. I don’t want my generation to be like the generation of Ahaz. I don’t want my generation to be forgotten because of it’s wicked ways.

You might think these things are easier said than done. True. But like what Brother Philip had told us, what we put ourselves into would mean a great battle. A battle to redeem our generation for the glory of God. Nothing will be easy for us. But Brother Philip assured us of one thing: God will always be with us during our fight. The God of my generation would guide me and protect me during the battle so I have nothing to fear. The King of kings will be with me so I shouldn’t be afraid of telling my generation about His greatness and His love.

Less than two weeks from now, I will be back to UP. The battle has actually started the moment we signed those commitment forms. I just pray that God would reveal to me what my generation needs and how I can reach my generation. There’s no turning back for me now.