I was surprised when this girl suddenly appeared from nowhere. Hindi ko siya kilala but she happened to come across my blog. Just read our conversation below. I’ll just keep her name and YM id confidential. So itago natin siya sa pangalang mysterygirl (wala akong maisisp na iba eh). So here it goes…

mysterygirl: you did theater?

mysterygirl: was that you? yung sa afp theater?

Gian Alvarez: yep

Gian Alvarez: who’s this?

mysterygirl: im ___

Gian Alvarez: oic

Gian Alvarez: from playshop?

mysterygirl: my brother did

mysterygirl: ikaw pala yun. nakuwento ka niya sa akin but he told me that youre not really good in singing.

Gian Alvarez: ah ok.

Gian Alvarez: who’s your brother?

mysterygirl: he just said but your hearts in it daw

mysterygirl: so i salute you for that. napanood kita noon

Gian Alvarez: thnx

Gian Alvarez: but who’s your brother?

mysterygirl: im sorry but id rather hide his name

Gian Alvarez: ok..

mysterygirl: were u hurt?

Gian Alvarez: nope..

mysterygirl: i shouldnt have told u that

Gian Alvarez: i knew it from the start that i’m not goog..

Gian Alvarez: *good

Gian Alvarez: it’s ok..

Gian Alvarez: no worries…

mysterygirl: and?

Gian Alvarez: =)

mysterygirl: i salute you man

Gian Alvarez: when did you see me perform pala?

Gian Alvarez: and where did you get my ym id?

mysterygirl: but an honest opinion, dont push too hard kasi you might seem to become like TH

mysterygirl: i happen to came acroos your blog

mysterygirl: my brothers friend linked you kasi.

Gian Alvarez: ok..

Gian Alvarez: so you saw me perform in ‘THE GIRL WHO WAS PLUGGED IN?’

mysterygirl: haha! that one!

mysterygirl: nice show

Gian Alvarez: thnx!

mysterygirl: my bro was there

mysterygirl: pero hulaan mo na lang

mysterygirl: kung sino kamukha ko

mysterygirl: so you dont eat ice cream muna

mysterygirl: dahil sa voice mo?

Gian Alvarez: kinda….

mysterygirl: u dont need to

mysterygirl: if your voice is good enough, then do it

mysterygirl: i mean, dont get me wrong, even gary v. drinks soda after rehearsal

Gian Alvarez: like what i’ve said, i’m not good…

Gian Alvarez: so i need every piece of advice that i can get from people who really know how to do it right…

mysterygirl: why not ask the singers in stead of being mailap to them

mysterygirl: my brother told me a story about you once.

mysterygirl: i duno if this is true ha, pero he told me that you’re kinda inggit of this other guy na kasama ninyo daw

Gian Alvarez: i’m into choir singing din kasi. our vocal coach told us to refrain from eating sweets or drinking cold beverages..

Gian Alvarez: really?

mysterygirl: so totoo ba yun

mysterygirl: anyway, gtg.

Gian Alvarez: uhmn.. i don’t know… pero i can’t remember a time na nainggit ako sa isa sa kanila…

Gian Alvarez: ok

Gian Alvarez: God bless!!!

mysterygirl: keep goin

mysterygirl: u can do it!

Gian Alvarez: i know i always can..