Super busy with my internship and stuff. Got a taste of the real engineering world (and it truly sucks!). Tired of getting up early in the morning everyday to get to that internship. Feeling always left out (and bitter) whenever I’m with my (old) friends…

One day I was dying to finish my power plant design and woke up the next morning realizing that all of a sudden, the things I’ve mentioned above became my life. I don’t know of I’m gonna be happy with this for one part of my soul says that this is where I ought to but another part says that I should look for the place where my heart really wants to.

For almost 1 month now, I’m living this kind of life. But what the heck! I know this won’t take so long. (So much for the drama right?) I would be back to my real life after a month. I would be back finishing that power plant design (sigh…). I would be back doing the things I really love to. I would be back realizing that happiness is just around the corner and it could be as simple as a warm hug from a real (long lost) friend.