Woke up lazily yesterday morning. Fridays have never been this boring, damn boring! I finished my Power Point presentation before going to school to meet with my scene partner in Theatre 12 and to block our scene. We have yet to memorize our piece. Gosh! we’ll be the first pair to perform on Wednesday! Ack! Pressure on the way!

Got to the Engineering Metal Works Shop earlier than usual. This is actually the reason why I hate Fridays nowadays. I hate doing lab works during Fridays.

I hate spending 3 freaking hours in the soon-to-be demolished Engineering Shops. It’s super hot in there and full of dust and crap. Oh well! I have no choice but to spend some of my precious time there. Two of my classmates were there finishing their projects as I entered the shop. By the way, we are to make a C-clamp from scratch. To kill the boring and lazy feeling, I turned my mp3 player on and listen to Jeremy Camp. It’s so great working with music! As in! Jeremy Camp is damn good! Love his songs very much. I can relate to each of his songs.

I started working as the music played. I sing heartily while filing my C-clamp, slowly but surely. My classmates were like awestruck with my work. “Wow, ang kinis! Pwede ng manalamin!” Haha!! I was so damn good! Thanks to the advice of the manongs there. Hehe! Chillax lang guys! May next week pa to finish the project. Haha!

One thing I hate about the C-clamp material is that it easily gets rusted. You file it today then tomorrow it will turn red with rust. So you need to file it again. Damn it! I hate doing the same thing twice especially if you don’t like what you’re doing. So it means, next week, I need to file the surfaces of the C-clamp again. Haaayyy… Filing that thing over and over again is just super tiring! I can choose to leave it there for a while but I don’t want it to get even rustier until it can’t be filed anymore.

Something’s going on in my head as I do my project. What am I gonna do after graduation? Will I be able to finish well? Will I spend my weekend with my family? What do I really want to do with my life? What are my plans in life? How am I gonna do my report on Monday? How am I gonna start my ME 155 project? Haaayyy… Nakakapagod mag-isip until I notice my C-clamp. Nakakapagod ding mag-file. If only this freaking piece of metal doesn’t get rusty at all, my job would be easier.

A thought suddenly came into my mind. (Cliche na ‘to. =P) I saw myself as the C-clamp. (So what? We’ve heard that story a lot of times!) Oftentimes, I get rusty as I do a lot of stupid things that destroy myself. I dwell on so many temporal things. I think of impure thoughts. I hurt a lot of people. I have a callous heart. Rusty! Very rusty indeed. Whenever I feel this way, I always go back to my Creator. Then He will be the One who will file me. He will be the One who will refine me. He will be the One who will cleanse me. After being filed, I will go back to my old ways. Then I will get rusty again. Then my Creator would take me back and cleanse me and refine me once again. Then the cycle continues like a saga of never-ending struggles.

I started asking myself, does my Creator ever gets tired of filing me over and over again? Hindi ba siya nagsasawa sa mga struggles ko na paulit ulit lang? Hindi ba siya naiinis sa akin because I’m not growing in my faith? Did He ever thought of leaving me there and watch me rust more?

But thank heavens my Creator is not like that! I just realized that even though I keep on going away from Him, He will always be there to wait for me and welcome me in His arms of love. Just like a Father who longs to be with his son. Just like a Friend who wants to spend time with you. Just like a Teacher who will teach you so many things. Just like a God who never fails. God loves me more than I could ever imagine. It has always been my prayer that I may know Him more, that I may trust Him with every detail of my life. I wanna thank Him for giving me this chance to live and experience this kind of love, a love that overflows that I can’t contain. God loves me so much! And I think that’s enough reason for me to be glad.

Thanks to Manuel Portento Jr. whose hands are shown in the picture above. =P You saved the day!