We had the house full. We got our standing ovation. We made history. We’ll do it again tomorrow.

Every moment on stage was an opportunity to tell stories. Stories on how we put up the show. Stories on how difficult it was to wear that costume. Stories on how the illustrados feel and act during the time of Fili. Stories that can lead to other stories. It was the magic of Fili that brought those stories altogether into one great story. A story of revenge, revolution, greed, hope, and most of all, love. The story won’t be a story without that last element.

“It’s a pandemonium outside!” according to Sir Floy during our company call before the show. (I got the chance to ask Gelo what pandemonium means during our standby backstage. Haha!! All I know is that it was used as a tagline for Kung Fu Panda! Haha!!!) Well indeed it was. We heard people murmuring and laughing and clapping (yes, ang ingay nila!) while we were on standby backstage. And it got us really excited! The opening number was a blast! Ang galing! Our escalating energies brought chills to the audience. We owe everything to them! They’re just super responsive during each scene. It was the magic of theatre indeed!

For me, it was a night to remember having my first opening night on the DUP stage. Let’s continue to bring more magic on the stage of Guerrero in the coming days. God bless us all! Break a leg guys!!!