Friday. September 26, 2008. There are only two things I have in mind upon waking up: I need to do something for my undergrad paper completion and I have two shows today. So there! I woke up 6am (I barely had enough sleep) to get myself going. I planned to finish my ME 136 project (for make-up labwork na rin since I was super duper late for the deadline of that project) at an earlier time because we have a calltime at 11am but our instructor won’t allow me to use the shop equipment. Another class is going to use it during that time. So nasayang lang ang paggising ko ng maaga. Anyway, I went straight to the Eng’g library instead to research for my undergrad paper. Et Voila! Medyo na-distract ako sa phone ko sa pagdidiscover ko ng mga features nito. Haha! Kaya wala rin ako masyadong na-research. I found a few useful information though for my paper.

11am. Konti palang ang tao pagdating ko sa Guerrero. I overheard Angela and some other Fili people talking about last night’s performance. Medyo low energy kasi last night. So we had negative feedback for last night’s performance. Award ito! Before the company prayer for the 1pm extra show, Ma’am Ces and Sir Jacques tolds us about the negative feedback we got the night before and gave us some reminders on how we can get ourselves in the right shape to perform. Thank God natapos din ang 1pm show. Sobrang pagod talaga ako after. We had 1 hour pa before the calltime for the regular 7pm show kaya nakatulog ako kahit sandali lang. First time kong natulog sa audience area. Thanks to Louie and EJ! =) So warm up then vocalize then make-up then costume then company call.

I think the company call we had kanina before the 7pm show was the longest so far. Na-open up kasi yung nangyari last night. So a few of the senior actors in the production gave us some notes and reminders for the show to be better than what we did during the previous week. To tell you honestly, andami kong natutunan from them. They might be giving us words of discipline but it was a pleasure to be taught by these big people in the production. Intimidating as they may seem, they do their best to reach out to us and give us pieces of advice which can help us master the craft.

The 7pm show had an energetic opening and we got the loudest applause for it so far. So tinuloy na namin hanggang matapos ang show. If Sir Floy would put it into his words: Adik adik na tayo! Super buhay ang audience! They were a combination of high school and college students. The best audience we got so far. =) During the curtain call, I was surprised to see almost all of the people watching standing on their feet clapping, shouting, and cheering for us. Astig! It was the greatest feeling ever! I was super blessed by the performance last night! Praise GOD!!! I want to thank Sir Jacques, Ma’am Ces, Kuya Franco, Sir Peter, Ma’am Stella, Kuya Meynard, and Kuya Eric for giving us those pieces of advice. It did help a lot in our performance. I hope that I would give the same amount of energy in the remaining shows. God bless us all!

Week 4, Here we come!