DISCLAIMER: I’m not well-read about the issue but I want to share my thoughts about it.

It’s on the news. It’s on the boob-tube. It’s everywhere. Imagine waking up one morning receiving text message from a friend about a Hayden Kho joke? Good enough to ruin the day. This sex video scandal is almost close to being a phenomenon. Just the other day, my mom told us that some of her office mates do have copies of those ‘box-office’ videos made by the accused. ‘Pervert’ as my sister would call him because of doing such inhumane act. Right at this moment, a senate hearing is ongoing regarding that scandal. Some of my friends are having discussions on Plurk about that pointless issue. I repeat it, POINTLESS. I saw some people use this issue to rise up, maybe to campaign themselves for the upcoming elections, to show the people how good they are in revealing this matter and how concerned they are to those who need justice. And for the two parties involved, you’ve received more than T.V. exposure. It’s not the right and human way to get people’s attention and sympathy or to be known or to be popular. Besides, why would you? In the end people will forget about you and this issue.
I came from NSO earlier today to secure 3 freaking copies of my birth certificate for some purpose. I was surprised to see this long queue outside the office. Much more like the Idol auditions in the U.S. Just kidding! I am still addicted to AI I guess. Anyway, this line goes on like forever. Thoughts suddenly came rushing in. Will I be able to get my documents within the day? How long would this take? Oh my, I forgot to bring a bottle of water! Did I forget something? It’s freaking hot in here! I wanna go home and go back to bed! etc. I can still remember back in the very last day of 2006 when I registered for the 2007 elections with my high school friends. Same thing almost happened with my NSO adventure. But less of the boredom because I’m with friends. This NSO experience of mine I think is even worse. It’s quite ironic because they call that place a ‘Serbilis’ Center. Ano naman ang mabilis sa pagpila ng pitong oras at walang tanghalian? Yes you heard it right! Pitong Oras! 7 hours of boredom! Add the fact that the summer heat is just rushing in. And they have these big announcements scattered all over the place, which makes it really annoying, that they increased the service charge. For what? For a greater cause? What’s great with this long lines of people bathing under the summer sun? And so much for waking up very early in the morning to avoid the great rush.
Thank God no one dared to talk about the sex-scandal. I mean people are more concerned on getting their documents and leave that God-forsaken place. Good thing I brought a book with me and tried to read a few pages from it. I was distracted a lot of times with the yelling that those guards make while fixing the overly chaotic line. And I get a bit sleepy at times while reading. It’s quite a blessing for me to be sitting while in line. Others would have to wait patiently to have a hold of that precious monoblock chair. Like what I said, the line took like forever. Our route to the cashiers was s-shaped following the arrangement of the chairs. And after reaching the first cashier, you have to fall in line again to another cashier. Grabe, ang gulo ng sistema talaga. Kainis!!!

I heard someone said hindi na talaga umunlad ang Pilipinas. Which is true. I guess everybody could attest to that. Another one said dapat online na lahat yan para wala ng pila (or something like that). How I wish we can use the power of the internet to make that kind of transaction. But that’s another issue. My memories of the good old UP enrollment system (which we still use until now) came rushing in. So I was like grabe, wala talagang improvement sa Pilipinas. Just imagine senior citizens waiting also to pay for their their documents and come again the next day to get it in yet another series of long queues. Even pregnant women who want to get their child’s birth certificate to give him a good public education. Also, government employees who get meager salaries (ask my mom). That’s why sometimes, I can’t blame the people behind the cashier windows for being so impatient at times.
And where are our dear leaders? There in the senate, interrogating the one and only Ms. Katrina Halili, starstruck by her beauty and her personality. An under-rated ex-mayor made a very rude scene which I think pissed off Hayden Kho. This is yet another issue and I won’t be surprised if tomorrow people are sending jokes about it through SMS. I can’t even imagine senate employees flocking to the hearing room just to take pictures and have a glimpse of those two personalities.
To the leaders of this nation, are these the news that you want our children to hear? And I think there is a need to address some hidden issues in that sex video scandal like drug abuse, prevalence of pre-marital sex, invasion of privacy and all that jazz. All can affect the minds and future of the youth. Why not focus on the bigger problems that knock on our doors instead of drooling over this over-commercialized issue?
Again, these are just my thoughts.