I woke up late today because I had a conversation with a friend last night. I had a great time with him even though we only had to chat online. Besides, I really miss talking with this guy. He’s been like a brother to me for quite some time now. Owe you one, bro! 🙂

Anyway, I had a great time at work today, not that I didn’t have any problems with my students and other workmates. Thank God I wasn’t too harassed at the end of the day. I only attended to a few students to help them study for their upcoming quizzes. One coordinator (again) from the Manila branch did a thorough observation around the center. Surprisingly, everyone did their work as naturally as they can and not being conscious with the way they handle students. And the students? They’re pretty much behaved today.

Remember the story about a workmate of mine whom I have a hard time relating to? Believe it or not, we have been in good terms lately. I even bought a shirt from him. But there are still some instances when I feel uncomfortable talking with him especially when he’s with his best bud. Actually, I was supposed to bring my sister’s DSLR today at work because he offered to help me with some lighting techniques to use. I wasn’t able to bring the camera because my sister left early for work so I didn’t text him to bring his’. But he came to the center with his DSLR and asked me if I brought mine. I told him I didn’t text him so I assume that he won’t be bringing his camera at work. So I was like, shemsssss, ‘dyahe naman sa kanya dahil dinala pa niya.’ I think he carried 3 bags today: one for his laptop, one for the shirts he’s selling, and one for his camera. But he said it was definitely fine for him if I didn’t bring mine. He just took some snapshots around the center. Oh well, so much for him. The day didn’t only end with him.

Today, I was blessed by two workmates of mine. Let’s name them workmate # 1 and workmate # 2. 😛 So I was doing something while singing some songs and workmate # 1 asked me ‘mahilig ka talaga sa mga theatre songs?’ ‘Of course!’ I replied. ‘I love Broadway!’ Then I told him the story how I developed an interest in Broadway. It started when I was a kid and I used to ask my uncle to buy me soundtracks of Disney animated films. I used to listen to them over and over again as a child. It was just during college when I learned to love Broadway songs. Well, Disney songs are much more like Broadway in a sense. I’m glad that I was able to share this little part of my life which means a lot to me. After a while, I shared to him my rants on how I wasn’t able to receive any text messages from friends for a relatively long while. I told him that before, I used to get jealous easily if my friends didn’t reply to my texts and all that jazz. To take it further, I took some personal time with him and asked him about my situation because according to him, it was kind of interesting. So I told him my story of this and that, of being easily attached to people, and of being so possessive of my friends. According to him, I might be suffering from a personality disorder, something that is called ‘borderline.’ Aside from those, he also told some other personality disorders and its manifestations to an individual. During that short time with him, I learned something about myself, that I am so vulnerable with the simplest things and the simplest mistakes people make. But thank God because as I see it, I’m in the process of recovering from that personality disorder. Before, like three or four years ago, it was even worse. You wouldn’t want to know the things that I used to do whenever I’m angry or jealous with someone. I’m used to be possessive of friends and you wouldn’t want to mess with me.

I also shared another piece of my life to workmate # 2. This time, I told him some stories of adventures as well as misadventures with some of our workmates. It’s good to be talking with him inside the bus even for just a short while. I was blessed because he listened to everything I said. I was like so unstoppable telling him some stories about being ‘epal’ at work, how things became a lot different after a certain incident which involved me being ‘badtrip’ with two workmates, and how I get frustrated with my relationship with some workmates. I did the talking and he just gave me some pieces of advice on how to deal with those.

Workmate # 1 and workmate # 2 are the people whom I’m able to get along with easily at work nowadays since we all have something in common, we are all Christians having the same struggles. I thank God for giving me a chance to really know about them and their lives during one group reflection time. I mean, it was no accident that today, I was able to share a bit of my life to them. I won’t be surprised if this is just a part of God’s big plan for my life while I work as a science tutor in the center. I pray to God for more quality time with them. Also, I pray to God that one of these days, I would also be able to reach out to other workmates to share my life. And eventually, I hope to bless them with every word that I say and with every deed that I do.