After two Christmas parties, a shopping date with a good old friend, and a high school reunion, I finally got to spend some time in front of my dear computer updating my Facebook account, burning downloaded movies and stuff, writing this blog, and just having a feel of typing on my keyboard.

Preparing for a Christmas party is quite tiring and at times frustrating especially if you have a big part to play. Thank God, I was still able to manage my time (and anger) in doing stuff that needs to be done ahead of time. Honestly, ‘I don’t feel any fressure right now!’

Earlier today, I started doing a little Christmas list that I can bring for my Christmas shopping adventures. Since I’m doing in on a last minute basis, I might as well take an hour or two to the mall starting tomorrow to buy gifts little by little. As you can see, I really don’t have much time anymore to do it in one ‘full-blast’ Christmas shopping. Oh well, thanks for the 1pm call time at work starting tomorrow. The only drawback is, I have to get a little from my monthly savings to buy gifts because I’ve been living an, putting it into a friend’s word, extravagant life these past few days. So I should get ready for a ‘super tipid mode’ after Christmas. 🙂

Work is going pretty much cool now. Praise God for less paranoia. I can now talk and relate with my workmates with ease and patience. Just yesterday, I realized that I’ve been missing a lot whenever I take some time alone with myself during free hours. It deprives me of knowing who really my workmates are. I also realized that I’m better off if I’m the one taking the initiative to talk to a person and break the barriers between us. Now I’m starting to appreciate the freedom to talk to people in my workplace. I miss my ‘old self’ in a sense that I’d naturally ‘pursue’ people to know their hearts and establish a relationship with them. I was once known to be a friendly type of person, someone whom you can easily get along with. But as much as I want to pursue people, at the end of the day, I also want to be pursued by the people I love. Cheesy much!?! Oh well, I think God really made me that way. It’s up to me how will I use it for His glory. 🙂

I did some Christmas shopping with a dear friend of mine yesterday at the Megamall. It wasn’t really planned. It just so happened that I left work early so I have an ample time to shop. Praise God mall hours were extended to 12mn. Actually, I was expecting a much bigger shopping crowd as people do their last minute Christmas shopping. Thankfully, it wasn’t that bad yesterday.

What to expect this coming week? Hmmmm… I hope to complete all the stickers for the Starbucks planner because I plan to give it to someone on Christmas. We’ll be having another Christmas party on Tuesday. This time, with my workmates alone. The next day (hopefully), I’ll be having dinner and coffee after with two special friends because I miss them so much. For that, I hope to finish my Christmas shopping by tomorrow. 🙂