At last! It’s my day-off today at work. Man I’ve been waiting for this day to come for quite some time now! First thing on the list is to hit the gym. Today, I have a new set of program to follow. It’s my third month in the gym already and I haven’t got any obvious improvement yet. Oh well, I have to blame myself for not going to sessions on a regular basis. Actually, I should have gotten that new program a month ago but due to some misunderstanding with the instructors and their job descriptions, I was the one who suffered the consequence, I’m one month late on my weight training stint. Anyway, I had a great time doing the workout earlier today. I’m kinda new to some weight training routines so most of the time, I can’t complete a set. But the instructor said it’s just fine to rest in between a set since I’m doing everything for the first time. My session today is a warm up so to say. Big thanks to my instructor who really took an effort to teach me the new routines all throughout the sessions, never leaves my side which is kinda irritating at times because he watches me do the routines. I hope to complete the sets for each routine on my next session.

At last the school year is over! I’m done doing test guides and straining my throat to teach students who sometimes doesn’t listen. Oh my precious voice! Handling those kind of students was kinda tough but somehow challenging. I learned how to extend my patience and how to handle pressure. And I also learned how to have a great time doing work. Thanks to my workmates who chase those blues away. I can’t believe that I was able to teach those students for one whole school year. Praise God I was able to pull it off! I can still remember when I was doing my thesis during the 1st sem. It kinda sucks working and doing school at the same time. But that part was saved by grace. I thought finishing my thesis would give me enough time to rest and make the most out of every tutorial session that I attend to. But my boss, after knowing that I already graduated gave me more workloads (not to mention a chance to get a “higher” compensation). What the heck!?! I think my workload tripled after and I wasn’t able to feel the “higher” compensation that they promised. After realizing that, I started thinking of getting a new job. So I attended all the job fairs in town (that’s an exaggeration). Up until now, I’m still looking for a job that would suit me. Preferably a full-time job that would give me much freedom to do the things that I want to. On the other hand, I have to review for my board exam starting May. I’m still thinking if I can manage my time juggling between a full-time job and attending review sessions during the weekends (Plan A). But that I think is suicide! I prefer to concentrate on my review classes before doing a hard-core engineering job (Plan B). Besides, passing the board exam is no joke. But Plan B would leave me with no income. And that means I’m gonna ask my parents to give me allowance every week. It sucks big time!

Last Wednesday, I got a call from this company who gave itself a bragging right during the whole-day recruitment affair last February. The name is not well-known but the company caters to other big companies all over the world (kidding aside). The HR lady told me that I pass the interview and the exam and that after assessing 80 plus candidates, I landed on the top 15 list. So I was like on cloud 9 during that moment. She then scheduled the final interview and all that jazz. It really made my day! I’m good! It felt really good! At last something that I can brag about. But after an hour or so, the lady called again telling me that there’s a little mistake with their priority listing. I passed the interview. I passed the exam but my score didn’t make it to the 1st priority list. So I landed on the 2nd priority list (felt like a loser once again). The interview was canceled with a promise that not all of those in the 1st priority will pass the interview, so they might still call me back. I’m kinda pissed off but if it’s not really for me, so be it. I think God would have bigger and better plans.

At last I’m gonna graduate this coming April! The sunflowers are waiting. So excited for that! But I still have to work on with some graduation requirements. I still have to clear my deficiencies from way back. I hope to do it next week. No. I should do it next week! Time is running fast.

At last I already finished reading the book which I bought last December. I still have to read 4 books more before buying another set of books. Most of the books by the way were written by Max Lucado. Good writer, very straightforward. Gives simple yet heartwarming illustrations.

At last, I started re-committing my life to God. Thanks to a dear friend (my partner in crime) who helped me a lot by giving me words of encouragement, through text and through the ever reliable Facebook even though we don’t see each other much. Dude, we gotta put those ice skates on soon! It’s summer already! 🙂 And bro, we have to help each other out in seeking God especially with our plans in life. Thank you for being a good brother. We’ve been through a lot but hey, we’re still here encouraging each other and re-affirming our relationship as brothers-in-Christ. May we reflect God’s glory to the people we meet each day. You’re one of the best things that happened in my life. 🙂

Last month, a friend of mine died. It was on the news. She committed suicide on her condo unit. It took a while for me let it sink in. A promising career. A secured future. Good circles of friends. Why would you end your life if you have all these? Something might be missing and up until now, we are still putting the puzzle pieces together to know what the real reason why she did that. There’s no one to blame why that happened. We just have to pray for her soul and her family as well.

This summer, I have a lot of plans. I’ll got to Subic on May. I might go to Isabela this coming Holy Week. I’m gonna start my review sessions on May. I wanna learn how to drive before my student permit expires. I want to go to the gym on a more regular basis. I want to finish reading those Max Lucado books. And a whole lot more. I just hope that God would give me enough time and resources to do all these things. But most importantly, I should do everything to showcase God’s glory. How? I still have to find it out. One thing’s for sure, everything that happens to me right now, my struggles, my activities, and my work, they are all avenues to promote who God really is in my life. Please pray with me as I continue to find my purpose in life.