Great! I miss blogging so much. These past few days, I’m thinking of taking blogging to the next level. Being in the corporate world is quite toxic. I think I have to put a little more color in my life today by being involved in the ‘blogging business.’

Last Friday, quite accidentally (for a lack of a better term) I was able to attend an awarding ceremony of some sort after work. The speaker was Mr. Ed Pilapil, an executive coach, an employee trainer, and public speaker. He was a great speaker indeed. With his overflowing charisma, I can’t help it but to take in every word that he says. I don’t want to miss this opportunity. He discussed 5 or 6 points with regards to how to live your life as a professional or as a person of this world at least. (I can’t remember all actually. My apologies.) First would be love your work, which all of the attendees have a hard time saying by heart. Another one is to live your dreams, or something close to that. I have big dreams not just for myself but for my family as well. Mr. Pilapil in a way encouraged each one of us to chase after our dreams be it skydiving or making a music album. Another point that he discussed is investing in relationships be it at work, with family, or with friends. He said that we don’t have to spread ourselves to thinly especially when dealing with a lot of friends. It would be wiser to concentrate on a chosen few who would stick with you for a long time, or for forever. Makes sense right? So I’m kinda tempted to elaborate about this more because I’m in a struggle of some sort with regards to this. But I think I have to shut my mouth for now.

Going back to what I really want to share, Mr. Pilapil shared another point and that is to be wise with money. We should invest more on things that increases value rather than the ones that decreases. The scenario that he gave us was investing on a cellphone versus investing on jeweleries. Cellphones decrease their value 2 or three years after purchase. Jeweleries, I mean the authentic ones, won’t decrease value over the years (not really sure about this fact but this is how I understand what he said). So who cares for a nice cellphone if you have nice jeweleries? He also shared a story about a girl who loves fashion and started earning money through her fashion blog. It came from a simple hobby to a serious business. I started thinking, hmmmm… I wanna do that but what am I gonna write? What do I really love? What are my dreams? Where do I want to invest my money? These thoughts came crashing in and I said ‘it won’t be that easy. Why? Though I really have a lot of interests and they can be very good blog topics, I can’t exactly point out what I really want or what is my top 1. Add the fact that being a jack of all trades is my mantra. I might be spreading myself too thinly.

I love music but I’m not familiar with some genres. I love the performing arts but I’m still an amateur. I love photography but I don’t have a camera of my own. Come to think of it, all these problems actually have simple solutions but still, I have to think again if this is what I really want before diving in. Ang hirap naman! I guess, this really should take some time before being finalized. Thinking about the feasibility would be harder than doing the real business. And if I’m really serious about this, I might shell out a lot of money. Yikes! Imagine how much a camera alone would cost. Music education is not just for pure entertainment but also for pure intellect. Performance workshops can be so expensive and demanding. Well, If I am really serious about this, I should be ready to face these challenges. And more importantly, I should be able to choose one that I really love, one that I wanna do for the rest of my life, and one that would keep me and my future family alive. Of course, this is business. We want a lot of money! Haha! 🙂

But still, I don’t know what exactly it is that I want.