How I miss blogging. As cliche as it may sound, blogging somehow gives me an avenue to say what I want to say. Though at times, I feel that no one’s out there who would want to read this. I’ve been busy with a lot of stuff during the past few years in the corporate world. I didn’t get a chance to really write something that would record my experiences and feelings. Back in college, I used to write about my experiences every single day. Regardless of how silly they are, I still write them anyway. Now, I don’t have much freedom writing everything. There came a point in my life when I chose not to engage with anyone in the worldwide web due to some emotional issues. I also feel like I’m saying a lot about myself and people would not make any effort to know who I really am at a personal level since they knew everything about me through this blog.

But thanks to Facebook and Twitter for inventing microblogging. I think it’s one of the best things that ever happened in the online world. This is perfect for those people who are always on the go at the same time wants to update their friends of their current whereabouts. It also has great privacy features wherein you can choose who can read your posts. 

The problem now with Facebook and Twitter is that millions are already using it. Whenever I view Facebook and Twitter, I feel like I have to view every single post. It creates an atmosphere of information overload. Though lives are being connected, your privacy can somehow be invaded. I actually am very keen with regards to keeping my Facebook and Twitter profile private especially when I post something or when some anonymous person adds me.

I am still an avid user of Facebook and Twitter but most of the time, I feel paranoid using them. Thankfully, they both have privacy options which I can personalize.

My point really is getting back in shape to write on this blog again. I’ve been keeping a journal and I haven’t written anything on it for two weeks now. Work kinda sucks like at the end of each day, all I want to do is to sleep and just wait for the next weekend. A few weeks back, a friend of mine happened to come across my blog. He actually commended me for what I wrote here and encouraged me to update my blog. At that moment, I can’t believe that someone actually reads my blogs and it’s more than enough reason for me to write again. From that day on, I always tell myself that I need to update my blog as soon as possible for that one friend who cares.

In the coming days, I hope to live each day thinking that even if I feel that I write in vain, someone would stand up, read what I wrote, and encourage me to just go on. I hope that I would be able to see the beauty of this world and write something about it.