Okay. I’m stressed. The week has gone by so fast and I didn’t know what I accomplished. Basically, none. All jobs are pretty much still in pending. Luckily, I’m on leave tomorrow which means that I have a longer weekend. Actually, I really don’t like this new policy regarding leaves at work because they will ask you to plot your leaves for one whole year and there’s no freaking way for you to move it to some other day the moment you submitted the leave form. It sucks hard. What if you really have an urgent job to do on the day of your leave? It’s a take it or leave it moment right then and there. Oh well, I’m not really a corporate freak, much as well take the leave even if I have lots of work to do. Anyway, it’s their choice to have that kind of system. It’s just not practical and nice. Like will you be able to know when do you need those leaves in a year? In my case, I have lots of work to do but because I plotted my leave for tomorrow prior to the new projects, I have to take it since it’s already pre-determined and there’s no way that you could move it to some other day. So much for being adamant but I really don’t like that.

While at work today, I heard some people talking about resignation. As if it’s a new concept to everyone. So they were like talking about this former colleague of ours who became a boss in his new company. And another one is a supervisor in a company where there’s always free lunch. I admit that there’s really not much growth in the company where I’m staying right now. Our jobs can only do so much to make us happy. In our culture and time, people tend to think more of money than career growth. Well, I can’t blame them since most of us really have above average lifestyles even though we only earn on the average. Whenever we earn a lot, we also consume or spend more so getting a high pay doesn’t mean that we have lots of money.

I should be sleeping now. Really tired. Will update soon.