I feel like writing another entry here but I really don’t know what to write. Well, let my random thoughts do the job as I don’t want to be pressuring myself to write something that has style, relevance, or anything like that. I just want to write something that makes sense. (Note: I wrote the title right after finishing this post.)

Today, I plan to watch The Avengers probably with some friends. But it seems like everyone’s busy or doesn’t have enough money to go to the theatres. Payday is still 3 days from now. Good thing I saved little cash enough to bring me to the theatre and back to my house. I just hope that if I watch today, the theatres won’t be flocked. I’m expecting a lot of people lining up since it’s going to be the first weekend of this show. I can handle watching a movie by myself but it’s going to be better if I am with someone. Unfortunately for me, I still don’t have a girlfriend. My bestfriend never replies to my messages since yesterday. I’m planning to watch it with him since we haven’t seen each other for a while. Most probably, I’m gonna watch it alone.

This feeling of being ’emo’ is getting into my nerves again. I don’t know why but once in a while this feeling affects how I react to situations. Just yesterday, one of my bosses asked me why I am so emotional. I really didn’t give a concrete answer. Probably, it’s the way how God created me. If I look at it differently, I can say that I’m not good in hiding my feelings. If I’m sad, it really shows. If I’m happy, my friends would easily know. If I’m pissed off, people around me won’t mind talking to me since they know I’m going into something and I need some space. I’m very transparent when it comes to my emotions. I don’t want to fake it. It’s my weakness to hide it. Maybe, it’s not being ’emo’ at all. I am just being true to myself and most importantly to everyone. Some would hate me for being like that, for being who I really am. Only a certain few would understand why I’m acting that way. And I would appreciate someone who hates me to just shut up and mind his own business and someone who is close to me to make an effort to talk to me even if he feels that I don’t want to talk to anyone. As much as I want to be alone and fix things by myself, a time will come when I won’t be able to handle it and all I need is just a friend who knows how to listen.

Okay, so much for being emotional. I just have to let this out. Whew! Now I need to get going to catch that screening. 🙂