Just a quick blog before I go to bed.

I’m into this book entitled The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. It generally is a good book with a lot of surprises and twists. (Take note that I’m not yet halfway through it but a lot has already happened in the story.) You may be very familiar with the story if you’ve seen the movie adaptation 3 years ago. I haven’t seen it yet but I promise myself to finish the book first before watching the film. The story is basically about time travel. Henry DeTamble, the time traveler, goes out of time whenever he’s stressed. He can’t time travel whenever he wanted it. He could travel 50 years to the future and 50 years to the past from his present. It was kind of an adventure for the character because he never knows when and where will he time travel the moment he gets stressed. And he has a beautiful wife named Clare whom he started meeting at the age of 6 and he’s at 40. (Do I need to explain it?) Their situation is over-complicated that only lunatics would believe them. But quite surprisingly, a couple of characters in the story believe in their time travel stories.

Anyway, I won’t be spilling much of the storyline. But I can say that so far, the book is nicely written. I like the way how it was put in the first-person point of view. It somehow creates the character as the story progresses and there will be times when you will feel for the character. In this case, only two persons tell the story, Henry and Clare. There are also parts which are bizarre but they can be made clear if you continue reading the story. I thought time traveling would be fun but it has a lot of complications in it. Take for example Henry’s struggle. Whenever he time-travels, he always appear naked and the first thing he has to do is to find clothing. Sometimes, he beats up people just to get nice clothes. I think, the story wants to tell us that there’s no point in changing the past or altering the future. (More of that after I finished the book.)

I like the story so far. I hope to finish it as soon as possible so I could start a new one. I’m taking a look of reading The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers since I left off with The Fellowship of the Ring a few weeks back. I hope to start with it as soon as possible so I could read The Return of the King and The Hobbit.