I ended up this day at work dealing with douche bags and show offs. Give me a break. As much as I want to finish well, all of a sudden, these creatures would ruin my day. I mean I’m working really hard to make them understand things but all they want is spoon-feeding. I have no time teaching them the right thing to do because they’re all grown up. Really had a bad day today because of that.

These past few days, I’ve been contemplating on how others see me and how others think of what I’m saying. I know in myself that I think very differently. Sometimes, I think differently in a way that would piss people off or make them think that I’m not in my right mind. It’s like when you all have the conviction in the world, all of them would disagree with you and they will all agree on one thing. It’s kinda unfair. Oh well, life has never been fair. During those times when I feel rejected, it becomes more transparent that I’m alone. That I have to deal things all by myself and learn to stand up on my own since no one would be on my side. There is definitely something wrong with how I think and I don’t know why. I always make it a point to make sense but most of the time I’m being misinterpreted and mistreated. I always do my best to treat them well, to listen to what they’re saying before uttering a word. But sadly, they would do the opposite to me and act in a bragging way, that ‘we are good and we know everything.’ I’m sorry to tell you but you don’t know everything because you don’t know how to listen and just wants to be spoon-fed.