I’m a graduate of Mechanical Engineering from the University of the Philippines. It was a very tough major but I praise God because He was with me every inch of the way. Obviously, I have a very demanding major but I still managed to do the things that I love, most especially performing for theatre. God is so good that He was the One who led me to sing for Him. Though I already have a couple of stage appearances, both professional and amateur, I still have to learn a lot of things to master my craft. Besides, it’s the one thing that I wanna do for the rest of my life. But, I want to have the best of both worlds, theatre and engineering.

I praise God for letting me work with some prominent people in the industry who welcomed me to the world of professional theatre with open arms and who made me feel that I belong. Aside from theatre, I also had some appearances on amateur short films in UP which helped me to discover more about the craft. I am once was a praise and worship leader in my church. It was really fun and great to be singing for God. It was like returning the favor to Him because He made me worthy to stand there and declare His mighty Name.

Right now, I’m working in a tutorial center. Since I got Physics courses when I was an undergrad, I applied there as a Physics tutor to high school students. It wasn’t really my plan to work there but it was the only thing I have during the time when I feel like giving my dreams up. To make matters worse, I was pressured to provide for myself which is so much impossible for now. I’ve decided to work there to prove that I can do more besides theatre and for me to learn to provide for myself, just for now.

Yes, I’m a Christian but not a perfect one. I do have a lot of flaws but God always comes to my rescue whenever I fall. I admit that I am weak but God’s strength is made perfect for my weakness. Nothing can be better than knowing that I have a great God whom I can call Father. I’m glad that God saved me from shame and covered me with His mercy.

Indeed, I’m an artist in the making and a child of God from the beginning.