The second semester ended earlier for me. While others are still kicking their ass out battling with an exam paper, I found myself basking in relaxation with long lost friends. I spent the previous week in Manila to finish 2 exams (that was last Monday) and arrange an outreach activity. Thanks to those people who helped me with the OJ film showing. It’s really difficult to work alone. Thanks to Paulo and Celso. You two have been so nice to me. You’re such a blessing. Thanks for helping me out. I LOVE YOU DEAR BROTHERS!!! I pray that God would reveal more about Himself to you during the OJ.

I’ve been so much relaxed all throughout the week after my exams. You would see me at the CCC tambayan arranging some OJ stuff and talking with friends or at the student center talking with Dwight. I missed him so much that’s why I tried to make-up for the lost times that we could have spend with each other during the previous semester.

Last Thursday, I joined Ate Flo, Melvin, and Dwight to the Leadership Training of CCC’s Catalytic Ministry at U-belt. It was a whole day activity in which the delegates from different campuses like FEU, UST, UE, and PNU are trained and equipped to be spiritual leaders in their respective campuses. Most of them are a little bit younger than us. Ate Flo, Melvin, and Dwight taught them the basics in sharing the Gospel effectively through the Four Spiritual Laws booklet. Though it wasn’t really planned that I would be there (it was supposed to be a 3-day retreat in Tagaytay but due to some circumstances, it was compressed to a one-day training, which was quite tiring), they still manage to maximize my presence there as a ‘demonstration partner.’ Haha!!! But I also assist the delegates during their one-on-one practices. I really would wanna teach them, too. They’re always ready to learn something and they never fail to make me smile. Such precious hearts. In them I see future (spiritual) leaders who would impact a generation. I enjoyed the time I spend with them talking, answering their questions, and even learning new things. I hope that we could spend another time with them.

Next week would be Holy Week. TRUMPETS will start on Tuesday (as you know, I haven’t practiced enough for the 1st day of workshop). I’ll miss UP and some friends there. I’ll miss waking up in the morning not thinking of what would you answer if you’re professor asks you “where’s the critical cross-section in the beam?” I’ll miss waking up in the morning not worrying that you’re phone’s alarm might fail you. I’ll miss waking up in the morning thinking of the things that you wanna do rather than the things that you ought to do. I’ll miss talking with friends not worrying about the time. I’ll miss waking up in the morning, getting up and doing nothing. I’ll miss all these things as I spend a two week vacation here in Laguna. But I think I need to spend more time with the Lord than to dwell with these temporary things. I pray that this coming Holy Week, God would continue to impress upon me His purpose in my life, what He wants to happen with it. I surrendering everything to Him.

Blessed Holy Week to everyone!!!